fearlessly sniffing out bed bugs throughout the mid-atlantic region

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A Certified Bed Bug Dog Team can help locate infestations so we can be sure to eliminate bed bugs where they hide!

Bed Bug Detection and Bed Bug Heat Treatment

We understand how stressful a bed bug infestation can be.  We offer the best method to rid your home or business of the elusive bed bug.

First we detect bed bugs with a highly accurate Bed Bug Detection Dog. Bed bugs are very good at hiding in small cracks and crevices.  The dog will alert us to locations to concentrate our treatment.
Next we heat to kill all bed bugs and their eggs in the home. We can treat mattresses, furnishings and clothing.  Save money by not having to throw away your belongings.

Heat Remediation Treatments utilize the latest technology to quickly and effectively eliminate the bugs from your home.  Our thermal remediation equipment is specifically designed to safely treat your home with minimal preparation.

Do not wait for treatment.  We have teams ready to guickly service your home.

Free K9 inspections with heat treatment.

We can customize your pest control to eliminate the bugs and fit your budget.  Use dogs and heat to ensure your home is bed bug free!

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