fearlessly sniffing out bed bugs throughout the mid-atlantic region

How much does an inspection cost?
The cost of a bed bug K9 bed bug inspection is determined by the location of your property, its size, and its complexity (level of furnishings, rooms etc.) Commercial properties are quoted on a square foot basis.  Residential properties are quoted by the number of rooms or by square footage.  Super Sniff residential bed bug dog inspections start at $175.

What to look for in a Bed Bug Dog Inspection?
Bed bug remediation can be very costly, and emotionally traumatic.  We service our clients by being as accurate as we possibly can, and offering recommendations for effective and, importantly, cost-effective remediation, but only if we find bed bugs.  At Super Sniff, our dogs have been trained at the famous Florida Canine Academy .  Equally important, they practice and train daily with their handler, to keep them at peek performance.  The bed bug dog team has been certified by a third party organization to make sure they are as accurate as possible.  When the dogs do alert for bed bugs, our handler does a thorough visual inspection to verify the scent detection alert.

How do I get rid of bed bugs?
We highly recommend a non toxic and environmentally friendly heat treatment for your home.  All bugs can be gone in one treatment.  Your rooms will be habitable in one day.  All your furniture and clothes will be saved without the use of unnatural chemicals.  No special laundering required.   This is the most effective way to exterminate bed bugs from your home.
How hot will it get in the areas being treated?
The thermal remediation equipment killing bed bug zone is between 122 and 135 degrees.  Our electric heaters are digitally locked not to exceed 135 degrees air temperature in the areas being treated.  This temperature range will not damage any of your belongings or electronics.

How long does the bed bug treatment take?
Treatment times vary depending on the size and construction of the structure, level of infestation and contents of the room.  We have found that the average time to be 6-8 hours from set up to tear down.

Does the furniture need to thrown out?
Typically furniture and personal belongings do not need to be disposed.  Digital sensors strategically placed ensure that proper kill temperatures have been reached to kill bed bugs even inside furnishings.

Will heat cause damage to my electronics?
Not when using the Thermal Remediation system.  All electronics have a storage temperature and an operational temperature.  Storage temperature typically allow electronics to be subject to 149 degrees.  The bug heaters used are digitally locked not to exceed 135 degree air temperature.  All electronic equipment within the space should be unplugged during a heat treatment.

How will I know if all the beds bugs are gone?  Will new bed bugs hatch?
The Heat treatment will kill both live bugs and eggs.  A complimentary bed bug dog inspection is given post treatment to make sure the bugs are not present in your home. 

Answering Questions About Bed Bugs

What are bed bugs?
Adult bed bugs are small reddish-brown bugs that feed on blood.  They typically grow to no more than 5mm.  Nymph bed bugs are smaller around 1mm and are pale in color. Bed bugs tend to live away from direct light, in the cracks and crevices of a home or building.  They are commonly hiding in mattresses, chair cushions, moldings, behind pictures and bed frames.
I think I have bed bug bites, but I don't see any bugs.  What do I do?
A canine inspection can confirm or deny your suspicions.  A canine scent detection team can pinpoint their location in a home or facility faster and with more accuracy than a visual inspection.  Any canine alert will be visually inspected to find evidence of the bed bugs before treatment is recommended.  The faster you locate and exterminate bed bugs the more successful you will be.