Our dogs can quickly pinpoint exact areas of bed bug infestations by scent.

They can detect whether any live bugs or eggs are present.  After our dogs alert to an area, we visually inspect to verify their findings. 

Bed Bug Dogs are the most accurate tool to find the elusive bed bug.  Super Sniff will inspect residential homes and apartments at a reasonable rate for your peace of mind. 

Canines have been used for years by the military and law enforcement agencies to detect bombs and drugs. Their nose is 95% more accurate than a human inspection.  According to studies by the University of Florida (August 2008), dogs trained to locate live bugs and viable eggs had an overall accuracy of 97%. Bed Bug Dogs are trained to find bugs and eggs with pin point accuracy. 

Commercial Services

Bed bugs have been found in offices, apartments, hotels, schools, dormitories, theaters, retail outlets and even public transportation.  Our dogs are trained to inspect multiple units and large square footage spaces quickly, discretely and accurately.

A bed bug bite can cost you money in loss of revenue, unhappy employees and customers. Recent lawsuits from employees, tenants, and customers have resulted in losses of thousands of dollars.

Bed Bug Dog Inspections can greatly reduce your liability, find low level problems before they grow and increase your credibility amongst your customers. Many experts in the legal field believe that surviving a bed bug law suit will depend on whether or not the facility has a bed bug inspection policy in place.

Super Sniff can certify units and facilities to be bed bug free at the time of inspection. We can inspect rapidly and are competitively priced. Our dogs can smell with their noses places that human inspectors can never reach. Our detection teams can accurately inspect a typical hotel room in 5 minutes or less.  Commercial properties are quoted based upon total square footage as well as the complexity of the facility (number of rooms, type of furnishings and equipment, etc.)  

Our Team

fearlessly sniffing out bed bugs throughout the mid-atlantic region

Nikki, Honey, & Luna are a certified bed bug K9 scent detection team.  They are currently certified by a third party scent detection Master Trainer.  They are certified for office, hotel and residential locations.  Their on going education and training keeps the team as accurate as posssible.