fearlessly sniffing out bed bugs throughout the mid-atlantic region

Super Sniff's thermal remediation treament eliminates bed bugs by raising the temperature in a room to a point beyond which bed bugs can not survive. 

Our environmentally friendly, non toxic system eradicates all bed bugs including their eggs quickly and with out any chemicals!

Our heat treatments are preformed in a day and your home or facility is habitable and bed bug free in less than 24 hours. 
The heat penetrates walls, furnishings and other unreachable places.  Because bed bugs are attracted to heat, they are less likely to scatter during the treatment and are sometimes seen leaving their hiding spots and moving toward the heat during treatment. 

Their is no need to discard expensive beds, furnishings or electronics that were infested prior to treatment.  Because the heat will penetrate most items, chemicals do not need to be sprayed in your home or on your belongings. 

Minimal preparation is needed prior to the treatment. No need to wash and bag all your clothing and bedding.

Super Sniff Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Our thermal remediation heaters are digitally locked and monitored so safe and effective temperatures are reached.  Thermal remediation fans are used to move the air around the space and digital sensors are used to ensure all areas are properly heated. 

We generate all the electricity needed from our mobile generator.  Our trailer and heat team vehicles are all unmarked.  You are welcome to see the computer sensor readings so that you can be assured proper temperatures are maintained throughout the treated areas to effectively heat an kill the bugs. 

Our canine teams will come in after the heat treatment for a complimentary inspection to make sure there are no signs of any live bugs.  We guarantee a fast and effective eradication of any bed bugs from your home or facility.